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Smile Designs - PHC Dental Care of Miami Florida

If you want to improve the overall appearance of your smile, smile design in
Miami Premium Healthcare Dental Center will provide the comprehensive
planning and execution of the dental treatment that is right for you!
Smile design begins with an evaluation to address aesthetic factors such as
tooth color, shape, alignment, and gum position, and may include
procedures like:
     Teeth whitening
     Dental Veneers
     Gum Contouring
     Dental Implants

Our goal is to design smiles tailored to each person’s unique needs, resulting
in a confident and pleasing smile transformation.


A smile design is a comprehensive approach to enhancing your smile’s appearance. It involves analyzing your facial features, tooth shape, color, and alignment to create a customized treatment plan.

A smile design can address a range of cosmetic concerns, including crooked teeth, gaps, stains, chipped teeth, and worn enamel. It aims to improve the overall aesthetics and harmony of your smile.

The smile design process begins with a thorough examination of your teeth and a discussion of your goals. It may involve treatments such as teeth whitening, veneers, dental bonding, or orthodontics to achieve the desired results.

The duration of a smile design treatment varies based on the complexity of your case. It can range from a few weeks to several months, depending on the procedures involved.

The procedures involved in a smile design treatment are typically performed under local anesthesia, ensuring that you are comfortable throughout the process. Some treatments may cause mild discomfort, but your dentist will take steps to minimize any pain.

The longevity of the results depends on several factors, including your oral hygiene habits and maintenance. With proper care, the results of a smile design can last for many years.

Most individuals with healthy teeth and gums are suitable candidates for a smile design. However, it is important to schedule a consultation with a dentist to evaluate your oral health and discuss the best treatment options for you.

To begin your smile design journey, schedule a consultation with a skilled cosmetic dentist at PHC Dental Care. Our team will assess your needs, answer your questions, and create a personalized treatment plan to achieve your dream smile.

Client Testimonials

"After years of feeling self-conscious about my smile, I decided to pursue a smile design at PHC Dental Care. The results were truly life-changing! The team listened to my concerns, and with their expertise and attention to detail, they transformed my smile into something I'm proud to show off."
Greg B.
"I cannot thank PHC Dental Care enough for their incredible smile design work. The entire process was seamless, and the outcome exceeded my expectations. They took the time to understand my vision and delivered a smile that is natural, radiant, and perfectly tailored to me. I highly recommend their services!"
Nico C.
"I had always dreamed of having a Hollywood-worthy smile, and PHC Dental Care made it a reality. Their smile design expertise, coupled with their warm and friendly approach, made me feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire process. My new smile has boosted my self-esteem, and I can't stop smiling!"
Charlie D.

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