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Digital Impressions- PHC Dental Care of Miami Florida

Premium Healthcare Dental Center Miami uses Digital Impressions due to the
benefits this provides in dental procedures:
A more comfortable experience for patients compared to traditional
impression materials, eliminating the need for messy molds.
Digital impressions are highly accurate, resulting in precise fitting
restorations and reducing the need for adjustments or remakes.
The digital format is easier for storage and transfer of patient records.
Digital impressions enable efficient communication with dental
laboratories, reducing turnaround times.
We use digital impressions for patient comfort, and accuracy and efficiency
in dental treatments.


Digital dental impressions are a modern alternative to traditional dental impressions. They involve using advanced scanning technology to create a detailed 3D image of the teeth and gums for various dental treatments.

Digital dental impressions are taken using an intraoral scanner, a handheld device that captures detailed images of the teeth and oral structures. The scanner uses light or laser technology to create a digital impression of the mouth.

Yes, digital dental impressions are highly accurate and provide more detailed information compared to traditional impressions. They eliminate the need for messy impression materials and improve the overall patient experience.

Digital dental impressions are used for a variety of treatments, including crowns, bridges, implants, orthodontic aligners (such as Invisalign), and custom dental restorations.

Yes, digital dental impressions are generally more comfortable for patients. The scanning process is quick, non-invasive, and eliminates the need for bulky impression trays and impression materials.

The results from digital dental impressions are obtained instantly. The scanner captures the images in real-time, allowing the dentist to assess and plan the treatment immediately.

Client Testimonials

"Choosing to get digital impressions of my teeth at PHC Dental Care was a life-changing decision. The team was skilled, caring, and made me feel comfortable throughout the process. Now, future services are faster and easy thanks to PHC Dental Care."
Jason T.
"Choosing PHC Dental Care for my digital impression was the best decision I made. The expertise of the dental team was evident from the first consultation. Thank you PHC Dental Care for making this treatment so easy!"
Renae F.
"I had been thinking of getting digital impressions for years and was tired of the procrastination. The treatment at PHC Dental Care changed my life. The results are incredible, and I feel like my old self. The entire experience was seamless, and the care I received was exceptional."
Tim A.

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