Emergency Appointments

Emergency Appointments - PHC Dental Care of Miami Florida

Premium Healthcare Miami Dental Center offers emergency appointments to provide prompt treatment for patients who are experiencing severe dental pain or other urgent dental issues that require immediate attention.
Emergency appointments may be necessary for a variety of reasons, including:
• Severe toothache
• Chipped or broken teeth
• Oral infections
• Other dental injuries.
Without prompt treatment, these conditions can worsen and lead to complications. With our emergency appointments service Premium Healthcare Miami Dental Center can diagnose and treat these conditions quickly and effectively.


Dental emergencies include severe toothache, knocked-out tooth, broken or cracked tooth, oral bleeding, abscess, and trauma to the mouth or jaw.

Yes, at PHC Dental Care, we prioritize emergency cases and strive to offer same-day appointments whenever possible to provide prompt care and relief.

PHC Dental Care provides an after-hours emergency contact number. Call our office, and the recorded message will provide instructions on how to reach our on-call dentist.

Emergency appointment fees may vary, but we strive to keep them affordable. Our staff will inform you of any applicable fees or coverage by your dental insurance.

Our compassionate team at PHC Dental Care understands dental anxiety. We offer sedation options and a comfortable environment to help alleviate your fears during emergency visits.

Yes, we welcome new patients for emergency appointments. Our team will gather your relevant medical and dental history to provide the best possible care.

Contact PHC Dental Care immediately for guidance and recommendations. We can help you find reputable dentists or provide advice until you return to our office.

We offer specialized pediatric dental emergency care. Contact our office immediately, and our experienced team will guide you on the necessary steps to take for your child’s well-being.

Client Testimonials

"I had a severe toothache late at night and called PHC Dental Care for an emergency appointment. They were so accommodating and got me in as soon as possible. The dentist took care of my pain and saved my tooth. Thank you for the exceptional emergency care!"
Maribel C.
"I knocked out my front tooth during a sports accident and was in a panic. PHC Dental Care was my savior. They fit me in immediately, handled the situation with expertise, and restored my smile. Their emergency services are top-notch!"
Patrick L.
"I had a dental emergency while traveling, and I reached out to PHC Dental Care for guidance. They provided me with prompt advice and even helped me find a trusted dentist in the area. Their support and responsiveness truly impressed me. Thank you for taking care of me, even when I was far from home."
Mary Beth K.

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